You must be wondering who writes all this, well, I’m just a regular old Geek. I’m a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Lord of the Rings etc (standard geek media). I’m also an ageing gamer, started off on DOS playing Mortal Kombat, now that I’m older I’m mainly a console gamer but I’ll play that odd pc game when I get the time. Amnesia was awesome.

I created this blog after a friend and I started guessing celebrity wifi names since wifi is now ubiquitous, we can all bet that they all have a wifi network at home, from Rihanna to Jamie on Mythbusters, everyone has a network. Hopefully.

I’ll try my best to update it at least 3 times a week when I can spare some time off work. When I think of (what I think is a funny name) I jot it down on my phone so I can post the next day. If you find this boring then well, it’s ok, some things aren’t for everyone.

If anyone is curious, my wifi name is Cerberus. If you’re an rpg gamer, you probably know where I’ve lifted that from. 😀

Johnny W.


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