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She’s hot, she can sing and that smile, oh my!


Probable Name: Def Jam Mobile Wifi – Rihanna  Van_2
Password: some boring rotating password sent by the nerds at def jam IT

Suggested Name: Rihannas Party Network
Password: jameson


Bill Gates

Microsoft’s former CEO, got mad cash but still wears those weird round glasses.

Probable Wifi Name: Melinda Gates Home Network
Password: Why bother, it’s not like the range of the wifi can extend outside their massive crib. 

Suggested Name: Considering how much cash this dude has, I’m going to go out of the norm and suggest that he disconnect his entire household from all forms of technology. By that I mean, electricity, lighting, internet, xbox live etc. He should shed his business suit and instead spend his day in simple woollen gown meditating on life and try to discover the purpose of meaning.

Gina Trapani

ThinkUp coder, co-founder of lifehacker, all around geek lady. Hates being called a geek girl (threatened to set herself on fire if she’s hears it one more time). Also co-hosts Twig (which I’m a fan of, obviously) with Leo.

Probable Wifi Name: Gina @ Home
Password: Most likely something complicated involving java, hair and glee.

Suggested Name:  Gleeks United
Password:  puckelberry

Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion, voice like a girl, but would knock me out if he heard me say that. Bit a guy’s ear off once, I think he must have gotten a case of the munchies.

Probable Wifi Name: Mikeys Home Network
Password: mike1

Suggested Name: Lights Out
Password:  round 1