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Troy and Abed (of Community)

Undoubtedly one of the best duo on tv.

Probable Wifi Name: Troy and Abed are Awesome
Password: robots
Suggested Name: Abed and Troy are Awesome
Password:  i wonder what the password is in the other timeline?


Jack Bauer

Contender for most bad ass on TV. This dude has had 8 complete 24 hour fucked up days where he’s been shot, quit heroin (cold turkey), died & came back, cut his friend’s hand off, tortured his brother and got laid. Nuff said!

Probable WiFi Name: linksys (to lure unsuspecting terrorists)
Password: none 

Suggested Name: No one suggests anything to Jack Bauer unless it’s a suggestion to lie face down on the ground.

Walter White

Mr. White. Chemistry teacher and (formerly) all around nice guy. At the moment he’s the  largest manufacturer of Crystal Meth and got a guy in a wheelchair to blow himself up to kill his rival. Epic.

Probable Wifi Name: The White Family Wifi
Password: chicken noodles

Suggested Name: The Heisenberg Empire
Password: gus who?


Photo courtesy of DeviantArt’s norbface.

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Ah the MC. They deal in guns, fight for fun and love their bikes. They have some major issues, but, they’re still awesome. They make me want to join a club.

Proabable Wifi Name: Wifi? haha, there’s more likely to be a passed out hooker in their closet than a wifi router.

Suggested Name: Idle Club Members! Get Free Porn Here!
Password:  boobies

The Stig

The Stig

Ahh the stig. Mysterious, kinda creepy and can drive like mad. Some say he once won a thumb wrestling contest with Chuck Norris? All we know is, he’s called the stig.

Probable Wifi Name: linksys
Password:  none

Suggested Name: VROOOOOM!
Password:  lap time

Sheldon (of big bang theory)

Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon, genius. String theory expert.

Probable Wifi Name: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Wifi Network, Phd.
Password: CF6B0D64EBD54E0B90C7267D94D7216B