Gina Trapani

ThinkUp coder, co-founder of lifehacker, all around geek lady. Hates being called a geek girl (threatened to set herself on fire if she’s hears it one more time). Also co-hosts Twig (which I’m a fan of, obviously) with Leo.

Probable Wifi Name: Gina @ Home
Password: Most likely something complicated involving java, hair and glee.

Suggested Name:  Gleeks United
Password:  puckelberry


Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion, voice like a girl, but would knock me out if he heard me say that. Bit a guy’s ear off once, I think he must have gotten a case of the munchies.

Probable Wifi Name: Mikeys Home Network
Password: mike1

Suggested Name: Lights Out
Password:  round 1

The Stig

The Stig

Ahh the stig. Mysterious, kinda creepy and can drive like mad. Some say he once won a thumb wrestling contest with Chuck Norris? All we know is, he’s called the stig.

Probable Wifi Name: linksys
Password:  none

Suggested Name: VROOOOOM!
Password:  lap time

Sheldon (of big bang theory)

Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon, genius. String theory expert.

Probable Wifi Name: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Wifi Network, Phd.
Password: CF6B0D64EBD54E0B90C7267D94D7216B



This is him. Bad ass.

Gandalf. Helped frodo save middle earth, killed a balrog, died and came back and can blow some crazy smoke rings. Nuff said.

Probable Wifi Name: linksys
Password: haha, you must be joking

Suggested Name: The Pointy Hat Network
Password: sarumansucks